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Becoming Educated

Mar 21, 2022

This week I am joined by Abby Hughes. Abby is the Assistant Headteacher: Teaching & Learning and Head of Divinity at the West London Free School. In this episode I follow up on Abby's excellent talk for the We Are in Beta Curriculum Thinkers group and we explore the following and so much more:

The 7 principles of a West London Free School Lesson

Divinity, the divinity curriculum and why as ED Hirsch notes ‘No person in the modern world can be considered educated without a basic knowledge of all the great religions of the world’

How Abby and her team teach their Divinity Curriculum using an excellent set of principles 

Why Abby teaches using Textbooks and why myths about using Textbooks are wrong

How Abby prepares for a lesson

This was an excellent insight into an incredibly well thought out curriculum and I was blown away by the preparation and level of thinking that Abby undertakes to ensure that each lesson is high energy and has maximum return on learning.

You can find Abby on twitter @abbyjhughes

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