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Becoming Educated

Mar 30, 2020

Mark Enser has been a geography teacher for over a decade and is a head of department of Heathfield Community College. Mark writes regularly for the TES and contributes to the Guardian Teacher Network. Mark is also the author of Make Every Geography Lesson Count and Teach Like Nobody's Watching.

Mark & I discuss his...

Mar 23, 2020

Drew Povey is one of the UK’s most influential leadership authorities. He is a sought-after speaker on leadership, an innovative Leadership coach and author of two books ‘Educating Drew’ & ‘The Leadership Factor’. You may know him as the engaging Headteacher of Harrop Fold from Channel 4’s ‘Educating...

Mar 16, 2020

Gavin Oattes is a former primary school teacher, stand up comedian and is now one of the worlds most sought after keynote speakers. He is also the Managing Director of the Tree of Knowledge and and the co-author of Shine and Zest. His first solo new Life Will See You Now is out now and I would highly recommend that you...

Mar 2, 2020

Andy Cope is a qualified teacher, best selling author, happiness expert and recovering academic. Andy is the UKs first ever Dr of Happiness after studying Positive Psychology for his PhD. We discuss Destination Addiction, Pronoia, the 4 minute rule and much much more.