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Becoming Educated

Aug 10, 2020

Neil Gilbride is a Lecturer in Education at the University of Gloucestershire, where he works on Educational Leadership and Teacher Development. As an Adult Developmental Psychologist, his cutting edge research looks at the role adult development plays in how leaders respond to their organisations and those within them. He regularly works across Education and beyond., supporting organisations in Leadership, Management and Education: He is an  academic advisor to Ambition School Leadership, the Chartered College of Teaching, St Georges Widening participation programme and  several other organisations within Education and beyond the sphere of Education

Neil’s career over the past 14 years has spanned across a range of areas in Education as a practitioner, academic and researcher. As a teacher and Teach First Ambassador, he taught secondary science for 5 years. He has researched across a range of areas in Education as a social social worker, carer and specialist in Special Educational Needs, counsellor, widening participation mentor and School Governor.  His academic background is diverse and he has worked across Biomedical Science Special Educational Needs, Adult Developmental Psychology and Educational Leadership and Policy.