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Becoming Educated

Jun 27, 2022

Subject Specific: English

This week welcomes the first subject specific episode of Becoming Educated and I am joined on the interviewing side by Nikki Waite, an Assistant Principal for Teaching & Learning, and an English Teacher.

We explore Ready to Teach: A Christmas Carol with the authors Amy Staniforth & Stuart Pryke.

Stuart Pryke is an English teacher and Teaching and Learning lead in a secondary school just outside of Ipswich, Suffolk. He is a LitDrive regional advocate and has worked with Oak National Academy. He tweets @SPryke2 and blogs at

Amy Staniforth is an English teacher and Vice Principal for Quality of Education at a rural secondary school in Norfolk. She is also the Research Lead for teaching and curriculum in a multi-academy trust. She tweets @teachals and blogs at

In the episode we discuss the following:

How Amy & Stuart navigate the vast hinterland of A Christmas Carol

Is it possible to truly understand the powerful message of The Carol without understanding Dickens himself?

What English can learn from History with regards to Big Questions

The strategy of Read, Re-read and Read Again

Amy & Stuart also shared these links with us from our discussion:

You can buy Ready to Teach: A Christmas Carol from:

John Catt:



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